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General terms of use

The website www.themata-mag.com is provided, as is, by the company «DIONISIS SOTOVIKIS SA» with the distinguishing title WORKSHOP DIONISIS SOTOVIKIS, based in Athens, Greece at 22 Sorou Street VAT No. 999212537, under the terms and conditions set forth in this notification. Every user accessing and transacting or making use of the services of our electronic shop is considered to have agreed and unreservedly accepted the terms herein. Should he or she not agree with the terms they must abstain from use of the electronic shop and any transaction with them. Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis maintains the right to alter the terms of use at any time. You can contact themata magazine, website and e-shop administrators in the email address info@workshop-s.com and e-shop customer service numbers +30 210 610.0.610, +30 210 610.4.802.

You have the right to a refund without notice and without your obligation to notify the reason why you wish to return the products, within 14 (14) calendar days from the date of receipt of the products. In this case, you are only charged with the direct cost of returning the products. Refunds are only accepted if the products are in the same condition as you received them, without having their packaging unsealed or broken, along with your retail receipt or invoice.


Copyright and Industrial Design property

The contents and information provided by the website, including its indicative deign, distinguishing characteristics, logotypes, graphics, texts, documents, photographs, data bases, and in general all distinguishing elements and copyright of the website constitute Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis’s copyright and industrial design property, protected by the relative provisions of Greek and EU legislation as well as international contracts. Exceptionally, the books, magazines and the rest of the products on offer for sale remain under copyright of their publishers, individual and/or legal representatives registered as the proprietors of the related rights. Any copy, transfer or creation of business based on the content or misleading the public as to the real provider of the electronic shop is prohibited. Reproduction, diffusion, propagation, broadcasting of the material, or any other use of the content in any other fashion or means for commercial or other purpose is permitted only following a previous written agreement by Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis. or any other proprietor of the copyright.



Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis controls but is not responsible for an eventual price rise of their products on the part of their publishers-suppliers . They also keep reservations and are not responsible for eventual technical errors or misprints made unwittingly or by oversight or are due to force majeure, which they are willing to rectify if they come to their notice. Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis maintains the right to interrupt, postpone, modify or alter the services and information offered at the website in question here, at any time and without forewarning.

Responsibility of the Company

Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis is entirely in alignment with the provisions of the Civil Code in regard to sales, as well as of Law no.2251/1994 for the Protection of the Consumer as it has been modified and is in force.

In the framework of Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis’s transactions from the electronic shop, the user is informed on the basis of the data regarding availability or not of the products and can in no circumstance to guarantee their availability. They undertake in every case timely to inform the user of the non-availability, and therefore bear no further responsibility. Any payments eventually having been made for non-available or exhausted products will be reimbursed to the user with no unjustified delay in the same manner as the user selected to pay for his or her purchase.

Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis. bears no responsibility for any eventual damage caused to the user from having accessed and employed the contents and information offered nor services rendered by the website. Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis takes the necessary protective measures for the serviceable functioning of the website in question, however does not guarantee that the contents, web pages and technical facilitations or possibilities offered by the website will infallibly be provided and be problem-free, nor that the website and servers connecting it to the visitors’/users’ computer will be provided without damaging applications installed without their knowledge.


Links with other websites

The website may contain links, hyperlinks, publicity banners to other websites, over which have no control in regard to the content, the political protection of personal data. The quality, safety, legality and accuracy in any form of the information or services offered by other websites and/or pages to which it can refer via connections. Any damage eventually caused to the user through the use of or access to the afore-mentioned websites is the exclusive responsibility of the persons exploiting or active in the familiar websites.


Visitor – User

The user guarantees that they will employ the website in accordance with the terms herein, the rules and provisions in force of the national, EU and international legislation and decent custom. The user is responsible for any damage eventually incurred to Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis or any third party by unwitting and/or incorrect use of the services or pages or any portion of this website as well as from the introduction, publication and transfer by means thereof, of any information, text, software or file. Should the user not agree or not understand the terms of use, whether entirely or partially, he or she must abstain from visiting or using this website.


User Registration

Any person may freely visit Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis’s electronic shop without needing to provide personal data.

A user registering with the electronic shop is obliged to give complete and accurate data. Upon registration the user is asked to submit the data: a) Name and surname of individual/legal representative; b) Address/seat; c) Postal code; d) Telephone number; e) E-mail address. If the user should ask for an invoice he must submit his or her profession, VAT No. and Tax Office. Workshop Dionisis Sotovikis retain the right to cancel a user’s account if it is ascertained that the declared data are inaccurate or they have not been connected to the account in the last 9 months, or that they have never undertaken a transaction, or that they have misused their account, or intends to adulterate the web page or its aspect.